Casino popularity
There are three ways to compare players’ hands. These modes must be activated and known to the players before the game starts.
High, low and high / low

These three modes describe how the hands of the players will be compared, we distinguish:

–              The high mode: only the strongest combinations count.

–              The low mode: only the weakest combinations count.

–              The high low mode: the strongest hand wins half of the pot and the weakest the other half (often with some restrictions to be valid).

Kill or Half-Kill

It is a game option sometimes used in cash-game. When a player wins a pot without sharing (scoop), he receives the Kill button. If this same player in the next round remakes a scoop he becomes the killer. A killer must bet at least 2 times the big blind (starting bet) even if he is small or big blind. The poker then continues as if the blinds were doubled. This obligation falls as soon as the killer wins the pot. Sometimes we add conditions, for example a minimum amount of the pot to activate the kill mode. On the other hand, it happens that the killer has the right to speak last in the first round of bidding. We are talking about Half-Kill when we do not double the blind but we only multiply it by 1.5.

The Look at two and kill

This option is used in Lowball. Each player can activate this mode after seeing received and watched his first two cards. He then receives the kill button.

–              The option

A particularity of French casinos: in cash-game, the player who follows the big blind can, before having seen his cards, take the “option”: he must then put the double of the big blind and will be the last to speak during the first round of bidding.

René Angélil: poker addict

The husband of the famous Canadian singer teaches him to his 8 year old son! After revealing that he is addicted to the game, René Angelil says he teaches his 8 year old son how to play poker. A strange way to help him not to fall into the same pitfalls as him …

“I have the disease of the game.” It’s like an alcoholic: you have it inside of you, I control myself through the people around me, who have created a system to protect me from myself. I am lucky, “says René Angélil at the Journal de Montréal.

In 1982, Celine’s husband lost so much money that he went bankrupt. “I lost more than I won Before I married Celine, I played and bet, and I even borrowed money from the bank, because my cousin was the director of my bank. changed job, and I went bankrupt in 1982, “he says.

If finally Rene Angelil escaped and learned to control himself, there is a game he never wanted to give up: poker. When Celine Dion was singing in Las Vegas, the temptation was way too big and he spent his days at the gaming tables. He was lucky because he won more than a million dollars, but he still remains cautious, asking for a second signature to his checks in particular.

This passion, he passes on to his son … If Rene Charles master poker, he will not fall into the same traps as his dad, according to René Angelil. “Our son is very smart, and it’s good that he learns the right way to play,” he says.

Let’s hope that René Charles will not inherit the vice of his father.